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COMA and EULOGY featured on Theatre Haus | DARKFIELD Melbourne

‘COMA’ and ‘EULOGY’ were other-worldly.

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Manipulating binaural audio, audiences enter the shipping containers, don noise-cancelling headphones, are plunged into darkness and taken to surreal haunting worlds. The sound design and technology, which are all carefully curated to each experience, rely heavily on audiences surrendering their auditory senses to conjure the unimaginable. In one moment, it’ll sound like you’re in a room full of people who are noisily chatting away. In the next, someone has come up close to your ear to whisper a secret and it’s suddenly become silent except for their breath. DARKFIELD really has an expert ability in playing with the mind’s eye, to see where it wanders when influenced by a soundscape.


‘COMA’ positions the audience as patients in what feels like a collective asylum. Together we’ve taken the pill and we’re slipping in and out of consciousness. A low-toned male voice manipulates the room by presenting ‘copies’ of what you remembered when walking into the space, and what you should imagine. Building and removing truth as you try and recall it.


‘Eulogy’ adds a new layer of audience participation though, that makes this particular experience completely unique. A microphone is located on the front of your headset, so you’re encouraged to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a variety of questions. This speech recognition transforms the experience into a personalised choose-your-own-adventure that is really a key selling point to this new venture. In scenarios, you interact directly by vocal command, choosing one room over another, or even choosing whether to lie or tell the truth. This type of immersion takes the technology to a whole new level, presenting the audience with some sort of control over their virtual reality. It’s very clever and presents a theatre experience that’s fresh and a first of its kind.


DARKFIELD, alongside Realscape Productions, is filling a niche in the market, allowing eager audience members to get their horror fix. The immersive nature of these productions cannot be understated. DARKFIELD is presenting the most realistic audio simulation you’ll ever experience.

‘COMA’ and ‘EULOGY’ were presented on Little Bourke Street, Melbourne until Sunday, 18 September 2022. Find out more about Realscape Productions on their socials.

Get tickets to DARKFIELD here.


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