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DARKFIELD featured in Beat Magazine.

Read Beat Magazine article here.

Plunging punters into complete darkness, DARKFIELD has extended its Melbourne season.

Taking place in a blacked out shipping container that plunges its audience into complete darkness, DARKFIELD is a series of sensory experiences like no other. DARKFIELD has extended its run of Melbourne shows to throw audiences out of their comfort zone with four immersive and thrilling shows.

The shows at DARKFIELD combine binaural sound — the practice of recording with two microphones at ear-height to give the sensation of 3D sound when played back — in addition to movement and sensory deprivation to manipulate the audience’s perception of what’s going on.

Your eyes will play tricks on you in COMA, as you separate from the people that you attend with to lie in a bed and slip into a collective dream state. A thrill-seekers delight, FLIGHT is an unsettling journey that uses binaural audio to simulate a plane disaster with multiple ending scenarios – whether your plane will land safely or not is unknown. Not for the faint of heart, SÉANCE sees the audience questioning their own senses while placing their trust in the hands of a spirit medium to make contact with the spirit world. Utilising speech recognition technology, EULOGY immerses audiences into a dreamlike, labyrinthine hotel.

“We are so excited to announce DARKFIELD’s long-overdue return to Melbourne, where it all began for us,” said Amy Johnson, producer at Realscape Productions. “We can’t wait to see the reactions of Melbourne audiences as they experience COMA and EULOGY for the first time, and it only made sense for us to bring back SÉANCE and FLIGHT for those who missed out on our previous sell-out seasons.”

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