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Claustrophobic or scared of the dark? You might want to avoid this [...] show

“It’s an intense 20 minutes that will make you question your own sanity,”

Paraphrased from article by The West Australian's writer Clarissa Phillips - read full article.

Video from SÉANCE at 2018 Fringe World in Perth


SÉANCE involves up to 20 people sitting in complete darkness for 20 minutes, while opening themselves to the power of suggestion and taking part in a virtual séance.

Before each show, producer Nathan Alexander has to warn those who are claustrophobic or scared of the dark to leave.

“It’s an intense 20 minutes that will make you question your own sanity,” he said.

“It will provoke thought in what is real and what is not and hopefully give you an exhilarating 20 minutes.”

Punters put on headphones, through which they experience the “performance”, before they are plunged into complete darkness.

Then the audio starts and, because people are in total darkness, they will be questioning what is actually happening in the space and what is part of the recording.

SÉANCE's sensory deprivation means mobile phones, FitBits and all devices or things that emit light, including glow-in-the-dark nail polish, must be turned off or covered before the experience begins.

And once you are inside, you cannot get out, so you need to make sure you are mentally prepared for the hair-raising experience to come...


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